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Disney Treadmill/Elliptical Videos

If you are like me, at the end of a Disney day I have walked miles and miles without even realizing it. There have been days where I walked 15 miles in Animal Kingdom without slowing down. There is just something about the joy that Disney brings that keeps me moving with a skip to my step from dawn till late in the evening.

With this in mind, I needed some motivation to get myself moving during the current health crisis. Being stuck at home, it's easy to forgo meeting your daily "step goal". I stumbled across a treadmill playlist video series on the RunTheImpossible YouTube page. They walk Disney Parks, Resort Hotels, Disney Cruise Line and Universal Resorts and Parks among other locations.

Enjoy a walk around Epcot: (37 Minutes)

In the mood for Disney's Animal Kingdom? (22 Minutes)

How about a walk around Disney's Hollywood Studios? (16 Minutes)

Up next is Magic Kingdom! (21 Minutes)

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