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A look at the facts and figures behind Royal Caribbean’s game-changing ship.

The state-of-the-art Quantum of the Seas features a lineup of thrills, including the first sky diving simulator at sea. CREDIT: ROYAL CARIBBEAN

The state-of-the-art Quantum of the Seas touts impressive numbers, along with plenty of innovation and science that went into its design. To start, the first-of-its-kind ship is 1,141 feet long (348 meters) and 136 feet wide, and there are 2,090 staterooms—that’s a lot of room for all kinds of adventures, entertainment, restaurants and ways to kick back so you can recharge.

You’d have to see it to believe it, and with Quantum headed to Alaska for the first time in summer 2022, you, your friends and family can experience it all firsthand and in style as you cruise from one iconic destination to the next.

For a glance at all that’s in store on board Quantum, read on for the lineup of fast facts we’ve rounded up for you:

Pump up the action with Quantum of the Seas’ adrenaline-rushing activities such as FlowRider. CREDIT: ROYAL CARIBBEAN

1,500 – That’s the number of crew members, across more than 20 different teams, it takes to make Quantum tick.

520 – Square meters of glass that make up the floor-to-ceiling panels in Two70, a venue that offers 270-degree ocean views by day and fuses technology and live entertainment by night. When the sun sets, the whole venue morphs into another scene entirely to bring one-of-a-kind shows to life—the windows transform into 18 digital projectors (the Vistarama), six Roboscreens create scenes as they twist and move in sync with the music, and of course, the talented performers bring it all together.

191 – Laid end-to-end, that’s approximately how many miles of pipes run through the ship.

74 – Separate blocks were used to assemble Quantum in Papenburg, Germany.

22 – Knots is Quantum’s cruising speed, which can best Usain Bolt’s average speed by the length of a bow (aka the forward part of a ship’s hull).

20 – The number of restaurants you have to choose from while on board, including Jamie’s Italian, the whimsical Wonderland and Izumi.

16 – Decks that you can explore, with groundbreaking experiences like RipCord by iFly, the first sky diving experience at sea; the FlowRider surf simulator; and North Star, an all-glass observation capsule that can take you as high as 300 feet above sea level—it’s recognized by the Guinness World Records as the highest viewing deck on a cruise ship.

3 – Regulation-size basketball courts equal the width of the ship.

2 – Bionic Bar’s robot bartenders, B1-O and N1-C, can serve up to that many drinks per minute, thanks to the 41,600 human hours that went into designing and testing them. Here they are in action.

Ready to experience Quantum of the Seas?


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