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Gluten Free Guide To Walt Disney World

The Disney food and beverage teams do an amazing job to accommodate guests with special diets including guests who dine gluten-free. Did you know that Walt Disney Parks and Resorts has received a FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education) Award “for dedication to providing a safe and enjoyable dining experience for vacationing families”?

The following food allergies and intolerances can be accommodated at most restaurant locations in the parks and Resort hotels: gluten, wheat, shellfish, soy, lactose, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, or eggs. The focus for this post is gluten-free dining. Processes are a bit different between Table Service (sit-down) and Quick Service (counter service) restaurants.

First and foremost, however, know that — with any special diet concern — it is ALWAYS best to speak directly with a trained special diets Cast Member or Chef at each dining location you visit, no matter the service style. Making Cast Members aware of your dietary restriction will help to ensure that your food does not come into contact with any cross-contaminants from the cooking surfaces Disney uses to prepare dishes. They take this very seriously and are very aware, knowledgeable and helpful.


Quick Links:


Table Service Restaurants

Table Service restaurants are locations where guests may often make Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) prior to dining, and the process of dining gluten-free can begin as soon as you make your reservation. Do note, however, that all Table Service restaurants are able to accommodate a gluten-free diet without prior notice. However, noting allergies when placing your Advanced Dining Reservation will help the kitchen staff prepare for you and your family and avoid unnecessary added wait times.

Keep in mind that with buffet service, a Chef can walk you through your options; however, cross-contamination may be more difficult to avoid. If nothing on the buffet looks appealing, you can also ask the chef to make you something that is not on the buffet line. I've seen chefs whip up something “off-the-menu” for different buffet style dining establishments throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Suggested Steps:

1. Make your Advance Dining Reservations (ADRs) and note your gluten-free diet on each reservation.*

2. You may also e-mail the Special Diets department (; or call them at (407) 824-5967 if you wish, prior to your trip.

3. Talk to the Chef or Restaurant Manager when you arrive at the restaurant.

*As mentioned above, it’s best to notify Disney of any special dietary concerns upon making your Advance Dining Reservations for Table Service restaurants. If you call (407) WDW-DINE to make your reservations, the Cast Member you speak with can make a note on your reservation. Be vocal that you want your special diet noted on your reservation and request a consultation with a chef (if needed).

If you are making your reservation online via the Walt Disney World website, you will be presented with the option to note a Food Allergy or Special Request as part of the reservation process. When you see the option below, click “Add.”

From here, you may select Wheat/Gluten.

You may also contact a representative at after booking your ADR. Guests are also encouraged to inform their server and are welcome to speak with the Chef or Restaurant Manager when you arrive at the restaurant.

Table Service Dining TIP: Most Table Service locations provide menus that can be viewed on the Walt Disney World website prior to your arrival (or even prior to making your dining reservation, so you can see if there is an item that suits your palate). Many restaurants have their Allergy-Friendly items available online! Look for the “Gluten/Wheat” indicator under the item name. The screenshots below, for instance, are taken from the online menu for Be Our Guest Restaurant at Disney's Magic Kingdom.

Please note that while this option is available on many online menus, sometimes you will simply find a note stating that Allergy Menus are available “upon request.”

Quick Service Restaurants

Quick Service restaurant locations — also called Counter Service — do not accept Advance Dining Reservations. Upon arrival at your chosen location, you can — and should — request to speak with a Cast Member (or manager) who can guide you accordingly. You can do this at Quick Service restaurants both in the parks and at the Disney World Resort hotels.

If you’re at a Quick Service spot in the Disney Parks, always ask for a manager — they will help to make sure that your gluten-free order is made correctly. You may receive a physical menu noting your options (they normally have these at all Quick Service restaurants in Disney World). But, rest assured, you may always request to speak to a Chef as well.

Additionally, Mobile Order — a feature available to guests with the My Disney Experience app — is accepted at several major Counter Service locations in both the theme parks and hotels. A terrific feature is available which allows guests to navigate the choices with allergy concerns in mind, by choosing the “Allergy-Friendly” icon.

From here, you can navigate to see Gluten/Wheat Allergy-Friendly items.

Columbia Harbour House Gluren/Wheat Allergy-Friendly Menu

Quick Service Dining TIP: If visiting a quick service location, I do recommend visiting at non-peak meal times. Avoid eating lunch at noon, instead visit around 2pm. For Dinner, instead of 5pm try 7pm. I also recommend speaking with a trained special diets kitchen staff member prior to placing your order (or as soon as you place a mobile order where offered) to ensure that they are aware of your allergy.

Gluten-Free Favorites at Walt Disney World

As you’ve read, Disney restaurants all around the Resort are able to accommodate gluten-free diets. The following are a few of our favorite spots we can especially recommend for gluten-free guests:

Disney Springs

(Table Service) Raglan Road in Disney Springs — This authentic Irish pub serves up delicious gluten-free Fish & Chips.

(Table Service) Splitsville Luxury Lanes in Disney Springs — Splitsville placed an emphasis on gluten-free options long before many restaurants around Disney World.

(Quick Service) Erin McKenna’s Bakery NYC in Disney Springs — This Disney Springs bakery specializes in allergy-friendly vegan baked goods with both sweet and savory options.

(Quick Service) Sprinkles in Disney Springs — Sweet treats abound at Sprinkles, including gluten-free cookies.

(Quick Service) Blaze Fast-Fire’d Pizza in Disney Springs — Gluten-free pizza dough is available at this popular pizza joint.

(Quick Service) D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs — Order up your burger with a lettuce bun.

(Quick Service) Swirls on the Water - Pineapple Dole Whip! (Note that while Dole Whips are gluten-free, they do contain modified food starch, which may affect people sensitive to that ingredient.)

Walt Disney World Parks

Disney's Magic Kingdom

(Table Service) Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen - This Adventureland restaurant has extensive gluten-free options, many of which are straight from the regular menu and require no substitutions. The bread service here is also gluten-friendly as it is a Brazillian Cheese Bread, made with cornmeal and cheddar cheese. The crispy Falls Family Falafel or Perkins Thai Noodles are both great ways to start your meal. One of our favorites is the "Tastes Like Chicken" This Crispy Fried Chicken dish is served with jasmine rice, a sweet-chili glaze and stir fry vegetables.

(Table Service) Liberty Tree Tavern - This all-you-care-to-enjoy family-style restaurant is a great gluten-free option. Imagine Thanksgiving dinner, complete with gluten free options for nearly everything.

(Quick Service) Pinocchio Village Haus - This is a great place for picky eaters. All-Meat, Margherita, Pepperoni or Cheese Pizza with a rice crust and allergy-friendly chicken strips/nuggets can all be found here, along with salad, fries and gluten-free desserts. Keep in mind that preparation time may increase if you order the All-Meat or Margherita pizzas due to the care taken to avoid cross-contamination.

(Quick Service) Aloha Isle (SNACKS) - DOLE Whip! Need I say more? (Note that while Dole Whips are gluten-free, they do contain modified food starch, which may affect people sensitive to that ingredient.) You can get your Dole Whip in all pineapple, pineapple swirled with vanilla (my personal favorite), or pineapple and raspberry swirl!

(Quick Service) Turkey Leg Cart in Frontierland - Turkey Legs!

(Quick Service) Liberty Square Market (SNACKS) - Whole Fruit and Vegetable Snacks (bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple spears, carrots and celery with dip)

(Quick Service) Various Snack Carts (SNACKS) - Gluten Free Snacks: Popcorn! Mickey Ice Cream Bars!


(Table Service) Coral Reef Restaurant - Featuring a beautiful view of The Seas aquarium, this restaurant has tasty options for gluten-free seafood aficionados! The Shrimp Cocktail and Smoked Wild Mushroom Cioppino are amazing starters, followed by Pan-seared Mahi Mahi served with jasmine rice. For those that aren't seafood lovers, chicken and steak entrees are also available without gluten. For dessert, the favorite is always the Chocolate Wave, a decadent chocolate creation served with raspberry gelato.

(Table Service) Garden GrillThis location serves up an all-you-care-to-enjoy family-style meal… with the added bonus of Disney characters stopping by to greet you! For lunch and dinner, allergy-friendly rolls are available to enjoy along with the main courses of grilled beef with chimichurri, turkey breast, rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables. Dessert — house-made berry shortcake — is also available gluten-free!

(Table Service) San Angel Inn Restaurante — The Mexican-style restaurant will make gluten-free Tortilla Chips for those who request them. These are fried in a separate fryer to avoid cross-contamination with allergens from the regular one used for their tortilla chips.

(Quick Service) Connections Eatery - This is EPCOT's newer quick service restaurant that has a number of gluten-free alternatives to a lot of the menu items.

(Quick Service) Sunshine Seasons - Located in the Land pavilion, this is a great lunch or dinner choice for anyone with food allergies or on a special diet. For those looking for gluten-free items, the Grill is your go-to station, featuring hearty cheeseburger and rotisserie chicken dishes, and salmon with cheese grits for a lighter option. A Power Salad is available with or without chicken, and several gluten-free snacks and desserts can also be found here. The Stir-fried Chicken with Teriyaki Chicken, Peppers, Onion, Pineapple, and Tangy Sweet-and-Sour Sauce is a definite favorite. Whole Fruit and Vegetable Snacks (bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple spears, carrots and celery with dip) can also be found here.

(Quick Service) Fife and Drum Tavern - Located in The American Adventure pavilion - Jumbo Turkey Leg!

(Quick Service) Kringla Backeri Og Kafe (SNACKS) - Located in the Norway pavilion - Rice Cream! Rice Cream is a creamy rice pudding topped with strawberry sauce. This is a delicious gluten-free snack!

(Quick Service) Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie (Snacks) - Macarons!

(Quick Service) L’Artisan des Glaces (SNACKS) - Located in the France pavilion - Macarons or Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich!! There are two different options for your Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich. The first is a chocolate version, the second is Strawberries and Cream. As I am not a huge chocolate fan, the Strawberries and Cream is my personal favorite.

(Quick Service) Various Snack Carts (SNACKS) - Gluten Free Snacks: Popcorn! Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

Disney's Hollywood Studios

(Table Service) Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano - This restaurant serves a number of delicious dishes that can be made gluten-free! Start with a classic Italian combination: Fresh Mozzarella and Vine-ripened Tomatoes. Some favorites are the classic Spaghetti Bolognese and Polenta with mushroom, spinach and red pepper. Finish the meal with a rich flourless chocolate cake, lemon sorbet, or vanilla or chocolate gelato.

(Table Service) Hollywood Brown Derby - They offer a diverse menu of gluten-free items. One of my personal favorites is the Cobb Salad (keep in mind it is very large and can be shared!)

(Quick Service) ABC Commissary - This eatery offers a nice variety of gluten-free alternatives to a number of menu items by substituting with gluten-free bread/buns. One of our favorites is the Chicken Club Sandwich, which comes with lettuce, tomato, Avocado Ranch, Provolone cheese, and bacon on top of a marinated chicken breast.

(Quick Service) Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo - You will find "out of this world", gluten-free flavors at this establishment in Galaxy's Edge. Docking Bay 7 has allergy-friendly versions of popular entrees such as Fried Endorian Chicken Tip Yip, Pirjanad Hot Chicken Tip Yip, Roasted Endorian Chicken Salad, Peka Tuna Poke and Batuuan Beef and Crispy Topato Stir-fry. One of our favorite dishes is the Batuuan Beef and Crispy Topato Stir fry. This dish is made of stir-fried mushrooms and veggies, with crispy yucca, pickled onions, and a tender smoked braised beef that has a tamarind sauce.

(Quick Service) Anaheim Produce (SNACKS) - Whole Fruit and Vegetable Snacks (bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple spears, carrots and celery with dip)

(Quick Service) Various Snack Carts (SNACKS) - Gluten Free Snacks: Popcorn! Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

Disney's Animal Kingdom

(Table Service) Tiffins - Tiffins offers an upscale taste of international cuisines. The Spiced Chickpea Falafel or Fattoush Salad are must-try, gluten-free appetizers. The spicy flavors and textures of the North African-Spiced Tofu, as well as the Butter Chicken and Tamarind-Braised Short Rib are quite delicious. For dessert, the Passion Fruit Tapioca Crème. YUM!

(Table Service) Yak & Yeti Restaurant — Chicken Tikki Masala and Sweet & Sour Chicken are just a couple of great gluten-free dishes you can inquire about here.

(Quick Service) Flame Tree Barbecue — One of the best quick-service locations at Walt Disney world, Flame Tree Barbecue serves up some delicious food choices, including smoky and savory ribs, chicken and a pulled pork sandwich (with an allergy-friendly bun). Nearly everything on the menu is available gluten-free. Classic allergy-friendly desserts such as chocolate chip cookies and brownies are also available at this location.

(Quick Service) Satu'li Canteen at Disney's Animal Kingdom - Satuli Canteen is known for its tasty and filling bowls! There are yummy gluten-free versions of the Grilled Beef & Chicken Bowl, Slow-Roasted Sliced Grilled Beef Bowl, Chopped Wood-Grilled Chicken Bowl, Chili-Garlic Shrimp Bowl and Chili-Spiced Crispy Fried Tofu Bowl.

(Quick Service) Tamu Tamu Refreshments (SNACK) - Pineapple Dole Whip! (Note that while Dole Whips are gluten-free, they do contain modified food starch, which may affect people sensitive to that ingredient.)

(Quick Service) Nomad Lounge (SNACK) - Gluten Free Churros!!!

(Quick Service) Ponngu Pongu (SNACK) - Night Blossom - This slushy sweet and tart treat features passionfruit boba balls! If you're not a fan of boba balls, you can ask for it without!

(Quick Service) Harambe Fruit Market (SNACK) - Whole Fruit and Vegetable Snacks (bananas, grapes, apples, oranges, pineapple spears, carrots and celery with dip)

(Quick Service) Various Snack Carts (SNACKS) - Gluten Free Snacks: Popcorn! Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney's Contemporary Resort

(Table Service) Steakhouse 71 - This newer resort restaurant is an amazing place to eat gluten-free at Disney! Some of the gluten-free options include: Lump Crab cakes, Wedge Salad, and Caesar Salad for appetizers. For the entrée, you have to try one of their steaks. We recommend the six once Top Sirloin steak or the six ounce Filet Mignon. If you would prefer something lighter, the Fish en Papillote which is shrimp with fried potatoes, asparagus, baby carrots, and lemon beurre blanc - is another amazing option. The gluten-free crème brulee is amazing!!

Disney's Polynesian Village Resort

(Table Service) ‘Ohana — This spot serves up Gluten-Free Waffles that are delicious and they offer great experiences with food accommodations for breakfast. Though we wouldn't recommend this Table Service restaurant for dinner if you're looking for an allergy-friendly meal.

(Quick Service) Pineapple Lanai - Pineapple Dole Whip! (Note that while Dole Whips are gluten-free, they do contain modified food starch, which may affect people sensitive to that ingredient.)

Coronado Springs Resort

(Table Service) Three Bridges Bar and Grill - Gluten-free Churros!!

Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter

(Quick Service) Scat Cat's Club - Lounge - Scat Cat's Beignets are Mickey shaped beignets that can be ordered in a gluten-free version!!!

(Quick Service) Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory - Gluten-free Mickey-shaped Beignets!

Gluten-Free EPCOT Festivals Guide:

  • The EPCOT Food & Wine Festival designates gluten-free items on several of the Festival Marketplace Food Booth menus.

  • The EPCOT Flower & Garden Festival has gluten-free items at more than 10 of the roughly 20 outdoor kitchens!

  • The EPCOT Festival of the Arts and EPCOT Festival of the Holidays offer a variety of gluten-free items on booth menus around World Showcase, just look for the “Gluten/Wheat Friendly” note next to menu items.

Snacks with Character

In 2015, Disney delivered a full line of Disney-branded, allergy-friendly, pre-packaged, snacks offering alternative choices for guests with special diets which can easily be found at merchandise locations all over Walt Disney World Parks, Resorts, and in Disney Springs. These Easy-to-carry-along snacks include Bars, Nut and Fruit Mixes, and Sweets complete with favorite Disney characters on the packaging. These are a great options to have on hand during your Walt Disney World vacation, especially for kiddos with allergies!


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